PSA Fundamentals

PSA FUNDAMENTALS is an introductory-level course designed to help you get acquainted with the basic building blocks of the PSA application. Our intent is to ensure you have the knowledge and expertise to effectively navigate and utilize PSA application tools. This course utilizes a hands-on approach to learn key PSA concepts that address real-world professional services business scenarios.


• Project Implementation team
• End User business roles


Solid understanding and knowledge of the Salesforce Platform. (If you are new to Salesforce, here is our recommended Trailmix.)


12.5 hours (This course is divided into five sessions. Each session is 2.5 hours in length and you should plan on attending all five sessions to complete the course.)


Virtual, instructor-led

What you will learn in this course

• Understand how to navigate Salesforce platform 
• About standard Salesforce objects and custom PSA objects 
• How custom settings and configuration options are used 
• How to use schedules, work calendars and holidays 
• Key PSA functionality through different end-user roles 
• How to create resource, opportunities, resource requests and projects 
• Understand how to use skills and certifications 
• How to create milestones and project tasks 
• How budgets relate to projects 
• Timecard, expense report and expense management 
• Billing event generation process 
• About PSA reports and FinancialForce mobile applications

Course Outline

Module 1 PSA Overview
• What is PSA?
• Salesforce Overview
• Salesforce/PSA Objects
• PSA Profiles/User Roles
• PSA Licensing
• The Flow of the System  

Module 5 Assigning Resource Requests to a Project 
• Project Resource Requests
• Project Assignments
• Finding Available Resources

 Module PSA Reports and Mobile Applications 
• Reports and Dashboards
• PSA Mobile Expenses App
• PSA Mobile Timecard App

 Module 2 Creating Opportunities
• Opportunity Overview
• Contacts/Resources
• Creating Products and Price Books
• Resource Planner
• Resource Requests

Module 6 Skills and Certifications 
• Skills and Certifications Overview 
• Skill and Certification Zone / Skills 
• Matrix • Resources 
• Assigning Skills and Certifications to a Resource

 Module 10 PSA Configuration 
• PSA Administration Application 
• Using Custom Settings 
• Using Configuration Options 
• Multi-Currency 
• Time Periods 

 Module 3 Creating Projects 
• Projects Overview 
• Key Fields and Related Objects 
• Assignments Overview 
• Budgets/Schedules 
• Creating/Updating

 Module 7 Timecards and Expense Reports 
• Timecards 
• Timecard Approval 
• Expense Reports / Expense Report Approval 
• Miscellaneous Adjustments

 Module 11 PSA Administration
• Regions, Practices and Groups
• Work calendars
• Holidays 

Module 4 Project Milestones and Project Tasks 
• Project Milestones Overview 
• How to Create Project Milestones and Project Tasks 
• How to Use Tasks to Build a Project Plan  

Module 8 Generating Billing Events 
• Billing Events 
• Billing Event Generation 
• Billing Event Release/Invoice


Course Notes

Participants use a “hands-on” process of learning. Each participant will receive a Learning Environment for completing class exercises. Participants need to have a laptop, Internet and phone connection. It’s recommended to have another device to view the course workbook. For optimal performance of the training org, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome browser.