Revenue Fundamentals for PSA

Revenue Fundamentals for PSA is an introductory-level course designed to help you understand the basics of using FinacialForce Revenue Management to perform calculations on revenue you want to recognize in a specific period of time. This course utilizes a hands-on approach to reinforce the concepts by examining three PSA specific business scenarios.


• New customer project implementation team
• End User business roles (CFO, Accountant)


General understanding of your company's sales and related finance process.

Solid understanding and knowledge of the Salesforce Platform (If you are new to Salesforce, here is our recommended Trailmix.)

Recommended: FinancialForce PSA Fundamentals

4 hours

Virtual, instructor-led

What you will learn in this course

How to identify the input sources needed to use RM in your environment. 
What calculations methods are available and how to apply them
How to perform revenue recognition for three different PSA use cases

Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction
•   Identifying sources
•   Set-up checklist

Module 2 Set-up
•   Overview and settings
•   Calculation Methods
•   Recognition 
•   Set-up checklist

Module 3 PSA Business Scenarios 
•   Milestones, Fixed-fee
•   Milestones, T&M
•   Timecards, T&M

         Module 4: Other Topics
         •   ASC606
         •   Revenue Forecast

Course Notes

Participants use a “hands-on” process of learning. Each participant will receive a Learning Environment for completing class exercises. Participants need to have a laptop, Internet and phone connection. It’s recommended to have another device to view the course workbook. For optimal performance of the training org, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome browser.