Billing Central Fundamentals

BILLING CENTRAL FUNDAMENTALS is an introductory-level course that teaches the basics of using the FinancialForce Billing Central solution to complete essential Sales, Contracting, and Finance tasks. The content is presented through a series of focused demonstrations and reinforced through hands-on exercises that help you build confidence and skill in using the BC features you need most.


•  New Customer Project Implementation Team
•  New End User Business Roles


•  G
eneral Understanding of Sales and related Finance processes
•  Solid understanding and knowledge of the Salesforce Platform. (If you are new to Salesforce, here is our recommended Trailmix.)


•  8 hours in length
•  This course is typically divided into 4 sessions (2 hours each) delivered over several days
•  You should plan on attending all sessions to complete the course
•  The number of sessions and session length may vary depending on the timezone, please check the schedule for detailed delivery information


Virtual, instructor-led

What you will learn in this course

Business Tasks

  • Create contracts from plans, opportunities, and orders

  • Create and add products

  • Apply discounts to contracts

  • Edit, activate, renew or end a contract

  • Create a plan

  • Generate, edit, and delete billing documents

  • Create and run billing schedules and jobs

  • Upload usage data

  • Enter tax details to accounts & products, manually or via Avalara Tax

  • Complete and post billing documents to FFA

  • Convert a billing document to a sales credit note

Administration Tasks

  • Configure opportunity to contract feature

  •  Create soft dates for recurring billing (billing terms)

  • Create proration policies

  • Create units of measure for reporting

  • Set pricing structures

  • Set up tax codes and related settings

  • Create custom fields and field sets

  • Enable Feature Console

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction 
• Billing Central Overview
• Billing Central Process

Module 3: BC Process Scenario 1 
• Create contracts manually
• Add product (service) to contract
• Activate a contract
• Create & review billing schedules
• Generate billing documents
• Complete & post billing documents

 Module 5: BC Process Scenario 3
Create contracts from plans
• Apply discounts
• Upload usage data
• Enter tax details to accounts, products

 Module 2: Metadata Setup
• Create products
• Create pricing structures
• Add structures to price books 
• Create plans

Module 4: BC Process Scenario 2
• Create contracts from opportunities
Generate billing schedules via jobs & SF Contract Report 
• Create change request
• Issue sales credit note
• End contract

Module 6: System Administration
• Configure Opp’ty to Contract feature
Create soft dates for recurring billing
• Create proration policies
• Set up tax codes
• Create units of measure for reporting
• Create custom fields/field sets
• Enable BC to FFA Integration

Course Notes

Participants use a “hands-on” process of learning. Each participant will receive a Learning Environment for completing class exercises. Participants need to have a laptop, Internet and phone connection. It’s recommended to have another device to view the course workbook. For optimal performance of the training org, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome browser.